Conference room scheduling software from Pronestor

Do you have trouble keeping track of the conference and meeting rooms in your company? As a facilities manager, office manager, secretary, receptionist or other employee in charge of the meeting facilities and resources, it can be quite the tough task to manage all these items – especially if the company has a certain size, many employees and a great number of meeting or conference rooms of various sizes and with different purposes. How do you make sure, that the big room with the video conference is available in the week where the boss usually holds his biannual status meeting with shareholders and partners from all around the world? And how do you avoid a situation, where the projector is unavailable, because it is temporarily out of inventory du to repair – or someone else just took I for their meeting?


The answer is simple: With the right conference room scheduling software, you can manage all meeting and conference rooms, the number of invitees, the equipment available and the catering needed. Professional conference room scheduling software integrates with Microsoft Outlook and the Outlook Calendar, which are the most frequently used desktop tools for planning meetings and inviting people – this means that the process of booking the meeting room, reserving the proper resources (for instance whiteboards, projectors, interactive displays, office supplies or conference call telephones), and arranging for catering to the meeting attendees is integrated with the process of inviting people and getting rsvp’s. You save both time and resources, and you avoid the fret and embarrassment of double bookings, missed reservations, and other kinds of mix up which may not be fatal but at least send a very unprofessional signal to your clients, your board members, or you stakeholders.


This is why you need to look into a meeting management solution – and preferably a solution which is tested, and which integrates with your current work flows and procedures. At Pronestor, the skilled and professional teams of employees and consultants have years of experience assessing companies’ needs and demands when it comes to conference room scheduling software. Pronestors products are adjustable to fit your company, no matter the size and type. We create a tailor made solution for you based on dialogue and our own experience.


If you want to try our full Meeting Management Suite prior to deciding upon a solution, please feel free to visit our website at and download a free 14 day trial.

Astrid Pedersen